Affiliate Marketing

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Livius de Graaf

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The term affiliate marketing is omnipresent on the internet. As is so often the case, the term originated in the USA. A German term that was used for it in the early days of the Internet was the so-called partner program.


This form of marketing is based on the fact that company A, which offers services or products, pays one (or more than one) site operator B money when customers are 'directed' from B to A via the sales page, or the Customers strive for price comparison. The remuneration in affiliate marketing - even if it is often defined purely on sales - is as always: cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), or cost per order (CPO) and cost per sale (CPS).

Tracking and Provisioning

To be able to address customers specifically after the desired action - click, lead, or order - tracking is also a part of affiliate marketing and actually represents a very important (and unfortunately too often unused or ignored) area.

Tracking stands for the tracking option made possible by cookies, with information about which customer was interested. In this way, he can later be informed about similar products or services, even if no purchase has been made. Whether the original affiliate will benefit from this is a question of negotiation with the advertiser.

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