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As the name suggests, a blogger runs a blog. The blogger is often also defined as a weblogger and is essentially one (or more) individual who publishes texts with an editorial background on a website.

Structure and themes

It doesn't always have to be a page that is booked as a domain itself, there are also platforms on the Internet which allow bloggers and interested parties to create a blog themselves in a matter of seconds. In the blog, the blogger usually acts as the author of the text. By way of topic specialization, bloggers have found a home in all possible (and also impossible) sectors: food bloggers, sports bloggers, technology bloggers, political bloggers, fashion bloggers, TV bloggers, bloggers on the subject of education, environmental protection, information on products or services and so on.

As a rule, the blogger always gives his subjective point of view and personal opinion on certain topics. The entire structure of blogs and bloggers goes under the term blogosphere, in which it is the order of the day for bloggers to link to one another, to give trackbacks or pingbacks, but unfortunately also to 'argue' to gain the authority to interpret a certain topic.

Advertising bloggers

Some bloggers have made it not only to a pure web celebrity but to a high level of awareness beyond the Internet and are considered to be instances of topics or are viewed as opinion leaders (influencers) on certain topics. This makes influencers very interesting for advertisers, which is why various bloggers also act as affiliates.

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