Click Spamming

tl;dr a type of fraud in which a fraud publisher generates invalid clicks

Livius de Graaf

Last Update 6 months ago

Click spamming is also known as "organics poaching" and is a form of fraud in online marketing. Click spamming occurs when a fraud publisher generates clicks for users who weren't generated by themselves. If no appropriate activities are taken, fraud publishers can be compensated for wrong clicks.

Click spamming begins when a user arrives at a mobile website or in an app that a fraud publisher is running in the background. From this point on all kinds of fraud can be caused, such as the following examples:

  • The mobile website performs clicks in the background with no visible advertising.
  • The fraud publisher (spammer) clicks in the background while the user is working on his app so that the impression is created that the user is interacting specifically with the advertising (advertising material)
  • The fraud app generates clicks at any time when an app is executed that is active 24/7 in the background (e.g. launchers, memory cleaners/memory cleaners, battery saver/battery saver)
  • The fraud publisher sends impressions with a mouseclick to give the impression that the view converted to engagement
  • The fraud publisher (spammer) sends clicks from fraud device IDs to track providers.

A user does not know that he has been registered to interact with an ad through such activities. This is because the user was never in contact with an ad. This fraud activity occurs in the background of the user's device without the user being informed about it. Therefore, click spamming is a key figure that should be taken care of rather quickly.

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