Validation period

tl;dr This is the time (period) during which advertisers approve or reject generated sales and leads

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After a Publisher has generated a sale, lead or any transaction they, usually, don´t receive the payment immediately but instead they wait for the validation period. In this time the advertisers look over the data and check the transaction for any changes as well as fraudulent behaviors or suspicious amounts of leads for example. These then get rejected and are not paid-out. Normally everything goes well and the publishers get their pay-out.

Publishers find a short validation time better, the shorter the better. Because they receive their payout sooner.

How should an advertiser pick the validation period?

The validation period should be the shortest amount the advertiser can work with.


In this case, take an online shop as an example. The period for valid returns 14 Days. The product is shipped after 3 days. For extra safety, we add another 5 days.

14 days free return

3 days shipping

5 days margin

= 22 days


Shopping campaigns usually use 45 days just to be sure. Travel campaigns can have up to one year (365 days) set as default. It is in the advertisers' best interest to validate the transactions as soon and as fast as possible. This builds trust and publishers can work with the added cash flow to push the campaigns. If the validation period is long this can be compensated with a faster payout to the publishers.

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