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tl;dr a tracking method that measures download numbers

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The abbreviation CPI stands for a compensation model that is used in Affiliate Marketing.

This is how CPI works

With this model, an advertiser books a linked advertising material, behind which is downloadable software, on a third party website. The aim here is for the user to click on the advertising material, download it, and to install the software.

With the help of tracking methods, the advertiser can understand the download figures. Analyzing these figures is essential for the advertiser to determine the CPI value and measurability of the success of the campaign.

Areas of application of the CPI model

The cost per install model is mostly used in the following:

  • Apps and game software
  • Widgets and Plugins
  • Vouchers and coupons
  • E-books, audiobooks, podcasts
  • PDF files and documents

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