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Apps are application software. They can be downloaded to a mobile device for a fee or free of charge from app stores. Apps have a direct benefit for the user.


In blogs, mainly personal posts are written and published, which can be viewed on the Internet. In a blog, many things can be shared, communicated and exchanged. The reader can comment on and discuss the blog himself.


Bookmarks are used to place websites of one's own choice as a favourite. The browser remembers this, so that you can quickly get to the specific websites.


Cashback is based on the principle of returning the money to the customers and is usually understood as a bonus offer. For example, the cashback system can be used to reward customer loyalty when they make purchases in their favorite stores. And yet cashback differs from what is commonly known as a bonus offer: no points are collected, which are then accumulated in a virtual bonus booklet, but cash is generated with every purchase. How high the bonuses are varies from store to store.

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